About Me

I am a Systems Engineer turned community organizer. I offer 5 years of strategic leadership and teamwork. My 10+ years in internet service ventures and non-profits, project management include chairing global conferences, managing research and knowledge production projects, and communication, with skills in mentoring and coalition-building.


Over a decade, I’ve successfully steered projects from inception to execution, with a recent focus on policy research in cybersecurity, misinformation, and digital platform safety

How it started

Born in North Africa, Tunisia, in the rich cultural tapestry of both the Mediterranean shores, I have lived through a decade of migration to pursue high quality education and a career in tech. Through the years since the Arab Spring, I have lived and worked in various global cities and regions, including Dubai, Minnesota, Scotland, London, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Washington DC, and Toronto.


I am a systems engineer turned community organizer leader with over eight years of experience in internet policy, digital campaigning project management. My academic journey took me to the University of Minnesota for International Business and then to the University of Strathclyde for Operational Research in Glasgow, Scotland, a city and a country of which I’m deeply fond (mad).


Throughout my professional career, I’ve served in key roles such as founder, head of community, growth, branding,  data analyst at Deloitte, Head of Operations at Jumia Food all the way to leading and chairing global conferences on information and platform integrity on the internet and the new digital age of polarized and dangerous political persuasions. Along the way, I secretly answered your questions about the Wayback Machine,  answered your emails, phone calls and helped you find your favourite book or magazine or record from the 60’s or whichever decade you’ve grown to love as the manager of Patron Services at the Internet Archive. I also had to look, moderate and curate gnarly (completely objectionable) content so that you don’t have to.


I have become a lead organizer in the disinformation and computational social sciences research spaces through managing and producing the MisinfoCon series , the Conference for Truth and Trust Online and the Misinformation Village conferences at DEF CON for the past four years.


I have also contributed to global dialogues on digital rights and internet governance through my work with UNESCO, RightsCon, the Mozilla Foundation, and as the founding member and chair of WikiCred Grants. My career has been recognized with several awards including the Chevening Scholarship by the UK Government, the IGF Youth Ambassador Fellowship by the Internet Society, and once ascending to semi-finalist at the MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Startup Competition in 2015.


I blend leadership with a can-do attitude and above all my fiery personality, a 6.3 ft, 200 lbs, tatted Mediterranean who is excellent at reading between the lines, absorb madness, push things forward and keep everyone in the room grounded and on their feet.  I’m an overthinker but a straightshooter. I care about democracy, institutions, prosperity, jobs and innovation.

What do I do

Right now, I continue to be an organizer, democracy advocate and coalition builder.


For Trust & Safety companies:

I dissect tech regulations, customers need and market into operational and planned actions for with trust and safety solutions vendors, organizations.


For electoral candidates and opinion leaders

I micro-pick and decipher the regulatory environment these organizations and individuals live and operate in and market gaps. I offer organizations a plan to project an individual brand and build up their internal knowledge repositories.


For content creators:

I work with new content creators to tell better stories through audio (podcasts) and short-video mediums  across multiple disciplines in tech, labour, journalism.


Past work and projects


  • Sep 2023

    Google Careers Certificates

    Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate
  • July 2023

    Toronto Metropolitan University

    Secure & Responsible Tech Policy Foundations (Certificate)
  • June 2019

    University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

    M.Sc.. Operational Research (Business Analytics)
  • June 2014

    SMU | University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

    B.Sc.. International Business
  • June 2014


  • Jan 2019 – Present

    AXM Boutique Consultancy

    Independent Management Consultant
  • Feb 2022 - Nov 2022

    Internet Archive

    Manager of Patron Services
  • Sep 2020 - Feb 2021

    World Economic Forum

    Research Fellow
  • Jan 2020 - Dec 2022


    Program Manager – Misinformation Projects
  • Sep 2019 - Dec 2019


    Elections Fact-Checking Project Lead
  • Jan 2019 - Sep 2019

    Deloitte Consulting

    Senior Data Officer
  • Dec 2016 - Aug 2017

    Jumia Food (NYSE: JMIA)

    Head of Operations
  • Nov 2014 - Nov 2016

    Melltoo Marketplace | Cartlow

    Head of Operations, Community


  • svgIGF Youth Ambassador Fellowship, Internet Society
  • svgChevening Scholar, UK Government
  • svgSemi-Finalist, MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Startup Competition


  • svgR, Python, SQL
  • svgPrompt Engineering
  • svgBusiness Intelligence
  • svgNetwork Analysis
  • svgData Visualization
  • svgPerformance Optimization
  • svgOperatioonal Research
  • svgPolicy Analysis
  • svgExecutive MAnagement