I offer tailored services including event production in tech and policy, video and news content creation, and insightful data analytics using SQL, data visualization, and BI for research institutions and startups looking to make a sense of their customer data.

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    Launch your event

    I provide end-to-end event production services including planning, marketing, sponsorship, operations, and more.

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    News Content

    I can produce engaging, informative videos to explain key policies or legislative issues to various audiences.

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    Grant Writing

    With experience securing over $350,000 in grants, I can provide grant writing services to help clients secure funding from foundations, corporations, and government agencies.

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    Make sense of data

    Leveraging my skills in SQL, data visualization, and BI, I offer data analytics services to help clients gain insights from their data.

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    Training Programs

    I develop and deliver customized training programs for clients on topics like online fact-checking, extremist content moderation, and general operational optimization processes processes

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    Policy Research

    With expertise in areas like cybersecurity, misinformation, and content moderation, I can conduct policy research and analysis for clients in the tech industry.