MisinfoCon Brasil 2022: How to Tackle Misinformation in the 2022 Brazilian Elections


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About the project:

MisinfoCon Brasil, scheduled for June 13th, 2022, is a hybrid event focused on combating disinformation in the upcoming 2022 elections. The conference is a joint effort of Lupa and Hacks/Hackers, addressing topics related to media education and fact-checking. MisinfoCon is a global movement dedicated to creating solutions around verification, fact-checking, and user experience in the context of disinformation. The event will feature prominent figures in the fight against misinformation, two online panels, an academic research presentation, and two online workshops with the Lupa team.

The conference aims to advance discussions about disinformation, promoting dialogue and fostering a robust media ecosystem. The event will bring together journalists, representatives of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), and other professionals who have experienced the impact of political coverage. They will share experiences and proposals for restructuring journalistic work. The conference also provides an opportunity for the presentation of selected academic research studies on the phenomenon of disinformation. The names of the speakers will be announced in May, and registration for workshops and the chat about disinformation will open soon.


9 am (Brasília time) — Panel 1: Collaboration against Misinformation in Elections Journalists from Brazil and Argentina, along with a representative of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), talk about joint ways to fight disinformation.

Guests: Laura Zommer (executive director of Chequeado/Reverso), Cristina Tardáguila (senior director of programs at the ICFJ) and Thiago Rondon (a member of the TSE’s special advisory to combat disinformation). Moderator: by Natália Leal, Executive Director of Lupa.

10:30 am (Brasília time) — Panel 2: Mental health of journalists in electoral processes Three professionals who deal or have dealt directly with the impact of political coverage will share experiences and proposals for a restructuring of journalistic work.

Guests: Flávia Oliveira (journalist, commentator at GloboNews and columnist at O Globo newspaper and CBN radio), Guilherme Valadares (founder and research director at Instituto PDH) and Talita Fernandes (journalist and former reporter for Estadão and Veja magazine). Moderator: Chico Marés, Head of Journalism at Lupa.

12pm (Brasília time) — Academic Immersion Presentation of three selected studies on the phenomenon of disinformation. Mediated by Raphael Kapa, Coordinator of Lupa Educação

Watch the conference in Portuguese: https://youtu.be/F3GgU73f3F4

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