Empowering the Digital Citizen: Fireside Chats on Meaningful Digital Participation

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Conference chair and organizer

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In partnership with Access Now and RightsCon 2023, I chaired and host an event in San José, Costa Rica,  a significant gathering for professionals titled “Empowering the Digital Citizen: Fireside Chats on Meaningful Digital Participation, Co-Designing Content Policies, Building Safety and Trust Features Online” as part of the Misinformation Village. The conference, known for its focus on digital human rights, attracted a diverse array of participants including tech experts, policymakers, journalists, activists, and business leaders. Over 20 speakers across eight sessions provided insights into the intersection of technology, democracy, disinformation, and the role of civil society in the digital realm. Emphasizing the need for education, awareness, and impartial research, the speakers underscored the urgent need to counter disinformation and uphold democratic values in an evolving digital landscape.

The conference highlighted the need for interdisciplinary collaboration, both within tech organizations and externally through open access to data and research. Topics such as the potential of AI in spreading misinformation, the importance of preserving media narratives, internet regulation, and the role of civil society in creating a safer digital environment were discussed. The conference challenged the unchecked power of tech giants and the misuse of digital platforms for disinformation campaigns, calling for solutions to mitigate these significant challenges.

The Misinformation Village aimed to transform the internet into a tool for good, protecting human rights and freedoms. By including more people in the conversation and proactively identifying democratic vulnerabilities, the conference sought to create a more democratic digital future. It provided a platform for understanding and addressing complex digital issues and encouraged discussions to foster societal resilience and democratic norms. Furthermore, the conference aimed to move beyond merely discussing misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation (MDM), presenting real-life stories to highlight the gravity of the issue, exploring digital threats to marginalized communities, and scrutinizing harmful policies within digital spaces. The conference aimed to foster tangible initiatives that hold tech giants accountable and combat disinformation effectively, striving for a more transparent, accountable, and inclusive digital landscape.

REPORT (Short version): https://bit.ly/3XU2Fhn

REPORT (Long version): https://bit.ly/3XU2Fhn

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