Meedan in Tunisia: Verifying elections in the Arab world

About the Project:

Role: Elections Fact-Checking Program Lead

At Meedan, I developed a fact-checking training program for journalists, prepared 8 journalists at L’Économiste Maghrébin for the 2019 Tunisian elections, and reviewed and fact-checked presidential debates. I also led a team of citizen journalists to fact-check legislative elections, resulting in over 40 published articles.

About the Report

This report features the collaboration of Meedan with several Tunisian media organizations during the country’s second democratic presidential and legislative elections in September and October 2019. The use of Check, a verification tool, enabled live fact-checking of presidential debates, monitoring of election news, and verification of campaign information. The report highlights the pioneering role of social media and the internet in the political advertising and voter mobilization during the elections. It also showcases how L’économiste Maghrébin’s team used Check to simultaneously fact-check claims from nine competing politicians during the debates, verifying 75% of the statements. The report emphasizes the project’s success in tracking 116 false information items during 10 days of election monitoring and news verification, which aimed to provide a curated flow of verified content to a regional audience. The achievement of a 51% verification rate throughout the four projects is also noted in the report.


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