Empowering the Digital Citizen: Highlights from Misinformation Village’s RightsCon 2023 Conference (Podcast Series)

You can directly play highlights from the Misinformation Village satellite events at RightsCon in this playlist.

Misinformation poses one of the most pressing challenges of the digital age (to say the least). To address this issue, the Misinformation Village recently hosted a conference titled “Empowering the Digital Citizen” during RightsCon 2023 in San José, Costa Rica. Bringing together over 20 expert speakers, the event offered critical insights into technology, democracy, and civil society’s role in combating disinformation.

The Misinformation Village is another iteration of my community-building work in the information ecosystem space. Aligning expertise, and thought-provoking research before an audience of digital rights advocates to bring both minds and resources together.

Key Discussions and Themes:

Several salient themes emerged during the wide-ranging discussions. Speakers underscored the need for ethical, equitable internet governance through cross-sector collaboration. They called for digital inclusion, emphasizing impartial and context-specific digital decision-making. Concrete measures to address online gender-based violence were encouraged, given its stifling impact on women’s political participation.

The role of transparency and accountability in shaping the Internet was spotlighted, stressing the importance of broad stakeholder participation in Internet governance. Trust in technological innovation was advocated, highlighting the need for diversity in tech, robust antitrust laws, and algorithmic transparency. Support for inclusive content creation was a point of consensus.

Countering digital authoritarianism also featured prominently, emphasising fact-checking and media preservation. Protecting democratic processes against misinformation was another key focus. Speakers noted the susceptibility of marginalized groups to disinformation and misinformation, calling for proactive privacy regulations and highlighting the role of education.

The goal behind this event like other events is to platform good conversations and host a social for people to come together and make new friendships and allyships. We discussed digital era challenges and other organizing challenges. It reaffirmed that knowledge sharing and collaboration are key to tackling misinformation. The discussions illuminated issues around ethical internet governance, gender-based violence, transparency in tech, and protecting democracy. By bringing together diverse experts, the event highlighted the multifaceted nature of misinformation and the need for nuanced, collaborative solutions. The Misinformation Village remains committed to empowering digital citizens through future events and applied research.

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