MisinfoCon @ International Journalism Festival 2022


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The tenth edition of MisinfoCon at IJF 2022 highlights the relationship of journalists with misinformation, featuring a broad range of topics and speakers. Key issues that journalists must confront in 2022 are at the center of the discussions. The aim is to provide journalists and news professionals with the latest scholarship on misinformation and disinformation, and to brainstorm practical applications and recommendations on these subjects.

The conference will delve into topics such as Media Manipulation Campaigns, where journalists will learn how to detect, document, and debunk media manipulation and disinformation campaigns using investigative ethnography. Other themes include Defending Election Integrity, Misinformation in Prisons and Jails, Vaccine Journalism, Midinformation, and Digital Ad and Website Funding. Each topic will be handled by experts in the field, offering insights and practical applications to counter misinformation effectively.

The speakers at MisinfoCon are well-versed in their respective fields and offer a wealth of knowledge and experience. Lawrence Bartley from The Marshall Project will address issues related to misinformation in U.S. prisons and jails. Jack Stubbs from Graphika will provide a detailed breakdown of the online threats and challenges to be encountered in election integrity work in 2022. Jessica Dheere from Ranking Digital Rights will discuss the impact of ad tech on misinformation, while a panel featuring representatives from Facebook Oversight Board, UOL, Outlier Media, and MLK50 will talk about hiring, training, and retaining journalistic talent, especially in ‘minority-led’ outlets. This diverse array of speakers and topics ensures a comprehensive exploration of misinformation and digital integrity.


Servicing an Information-Poor Community – U.S. Prisons and Jails – Lawrence Bartley (The Marshall Project)

Navigating the Online Threat Landscape for Election Defenders in 2022 – Jack Stubbs (Graphika)

Ad It Up: To Minimize Mis- and Disinformation, We Must Reshape the Ad Tech Business, Not Regulate Speech – Jessica Dheere (Ranking Digital Rights)

Investigating Media Manipulation Campaigns – Joan Donavan, Emily Dreyfuss, and Jane Lytvynenko (Harvard – Shorestein Public Policy Center)

What is Quality Vaccine Journalism? Workshopping Resources for Journalists and other Community Connectors – Connie Moon Sehat, Andrea Bras, Amy Zhang (NewsQ, (Analysis and Response for Trust Tool Project)

Exposing the People and Funding behind Websites and Digital Ads – Craig Silverman (ProPublica)

Panel: Conversations from the Ecosystem on how to Re-energize and Protect Free Expression and Local Journalists – Alan Rusbridger (Facebook Oversight Board), Daniela Pinheiro (UOL), Candice Fortman (Outlier Media), Wendi Thomas (MLK50)

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