MisinfoCon @ MozFest Plaza 2022 (Online)


Conference Chair, Project Lead

Date: Mar 7-11, 2022

Funding & Contributors:

The conference was generously funded by the Mozilla Foundation and supported by the MozFest (Mozilla Internet Festival) Team

About the conference:

The tenth edition of MisinfoCon, took place virtually from March 7-11 on MozFest Plaza. The focus was journalists’ relationships with misinformation. The conference will address topics related to media education and fact-checking, providing a platform for current policy and tech conversations on media literacy, information access, truthfulness, content authenticity, election and information integrity, and the role of trust in media institutions and digital platforms.

The summit focused on the challenges that misinformation raises for the information ecosystem, government, and platforms in four areas: trust, content moderation and democratic speech, election, and regulating disinformation. The conference aims to dissect the laws that aim to govern platforms, entrust a new culture of transparency, data share, and codifying platform accountability into law. Special attention will be paid to the fragility of the information ecosystem in the context of the upcoming elections in several large democracies around the world.

The conference featured sessions led by experts from various organizations such as the National Democratic Institute, CheckFacts Zambia, CodeForAfrica, ICFJ Knight Fellow, Fathm, AfricaCheck.Org, Graphika, Center for Democracy and Technology, Glitch UK, Pollicy, Uganda, HAW-Hamburg, Institute for Strategic Dialogue, Independent TikTok researcher, Independent Wikipedia editors, CheckMyAds, ProPublica, Credibility Coalition, TheFactual.Com, UW-CIP, Internews, and Wikimedia Foundation Research Team. The full schedule is available on MozFest Plaza, and registration is required to receive live virtual session links and participate online.


Around the world: Models and Interventions that Work for Promoting Information Integrity and Combatting Disinformation – Daniel Arnaudo (National Democratic Institute), Maria (Malu) Luiza, Chishaba Masengu (CheckFacts Zambia), Justin Arenstein (CodeForAfrica)

Countering Misinformation through the Power of Influence – Hannah Ajakaiye (ICFJ Knight Fellow), Ann Ngengere (Fathm), Alphonce Shiundu (AfricaCheck.Org).

Navigating the Online Threat Landscape for Election Defenders in 2022 – Dr. John W. Kelly (Graphika)

Intersectionality and Gendered Disinformation Targeting Women in Politics – Devan Hankerson (Center for Democracy and Technology), Gabriela De Oliveira (Head of Policy, Research and Campaigns (she/her), Glitch UK ), Irene Mwendwa (Program Manager, Advocacy & Feminist Movement Building Programs, Pollicy, Uganda)

Memes, Moods & Manipulation – New opportunities for disinformation research on Tiktok – Marcus Bosch (HAW-Hamburg), Ciaran O’Connor (Institute for Strategic Dialogue), Abbie Richards (independent TikTok researcher)

How Veteran Wikipedia Editors Moderate Content, Enforce Verification Rules On The world’s Largest Online Encyclopedia – Netha Hussain, Ksenia Coffman, Ajna Harrar (Independent Wikipedia editors)

How Marketers Can End The Disinformation Crisis, A Review of Ad-fueled Information Disorder – Claire Atkin and Nandini Jammi (CheckMyAds), Craig Silverman (ProPublica), Nevin Thompson (Credibility Coalition)

Unbiased news, restoring trust in hyper-polarized media landscape, and lessons learned from a collaborative “rapid response” project addressing election mis/disinformation – Arjun Moorthy (TheFactual.Com), Kate Stabird (UW-CIP, Internews), Maghann Rhynard-Geil (Internews)

Wikipedia and The Science of Knowledge Integrity, Miriam Redi, Diego Saez-Trumper (Wikimedia Foundation Research Team)

The Disinformation Ecosystem in 2022: New, Authentic, and Recurring Actors, Rachel Levey (ActiveFence)

Website: mozfest.misinfocon.com

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