Opinions – Inaugural Blog Post

This is my inaugural post in my blog page. Throughout this page, I will journal my personal yet very much informed hot and lukewarm takes on the latest policy and politcal conversations on tech, trust and safety, cyber resilience, information warfare (advantage) and every other piece of legislation that attempts to govern our participation online.

As a democracy activist, my politics really encompass a large variety of issues, governing, governance, competition, voting, representation, peace and war, privacy and speech online.

How do I engage with policy and politics?


My career has evolved from tech and business to focus more on social impact. Through my work in internet governance and organizing misinformation conferences, I contribute to policy dialogues on digital rights, platform accountability, and responsible tech. I collaborate with researchers, civil society, government, and tech companies to analyze regulatory environments and identify policy gaps. My leadership experience equips me to build coalitions among diverse stakeholders to develop holistic, evidence-based policies.

Active participation

Even though I find myself often at my computer writing about policy in character-limited messages, I am also a serial campaign canvasser. I have had some experience canvassing in Tunisia, the US Scotland and Canada. Despite what some might describe, semi-conservative personal persuasions, I canvass and vote for non-party-affiliated or left-of-center politicians.

I am also a serial protester, picketer, write-a-letter to your representative political participant. I believe in the power of occupying public space and mouthing off one’s policy standings time and time and over again, verbalize your needs and wants, shape the narrative through consistent and tireless collaboration with community leader and journalists.

Direct communication

As an experienced communicator, I leverage various media to shape public discourse on technology’s impact on society. I author articles, speak at global forums, and produce podcasts and videos to highlight issues like online harms, privacy, and reforming social media. My storytelling aims to humanize complex debates and ground them in ethical principles. I collaborate with journalists and content creators to enrich perspectives and coverage of policy issues. My voice provides nuance by balancing competing rights and articulating collective responsibilities. I aim to build understanding across ideological divides and resonate shared hopes to inspire action. My media engagement advances solutions-oriented narratives.

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